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Annie Myles, Fitness Instructor

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Annie Myles

I started my Farrell's journey in 2018. I was over weight and out of shape. I wasn't in a good place with myself and I definitely didn't love myself. I walked in the gym, thinking I would get a "pretty good" workout. I have been to many different gyms, but I quickly learned not all gyms are created equal! This was a game changer! 
My first 10 weeks was definitely the beginning of a new me inside and out. I definitely lost weight, then I started gaining muscle. The instructors and coaches took a very personal approach to help me achieve my individual goals. I learned what self discipline really meant. I inherited a tribe of friends that not only work out with me, but have also been on their own journey and understands what it physically takes to get up every day and get to class.  I learned how to eat, not diet. I also found myself going for runs, bike rides, doing two work outs a day, just for fun! I learned how to take care of myself and my body inside and out. It's an amazing thing when you learn who you REALLY are and what you can REALLY do when you love yourself. 
After my 10 weeks, I was asked to be a coach. I quickly jumped into that role, knowing I could to help others on their journey. I fell in love watching their transformations, physically and mentally. I loved listening to their stories from meal prep bloopers, fighting traffic to get to the gym "because I actually feel guilty when I don't get my workout in".  To non scale victories and that feeling you get when you look in the mirror and realize that is YOU in the mirror. Letting others know we are all in this together. That's what it's really all about . 
Instructing kickboxing for me is not just a title. It's an honor and  personal accomplishment. Everyone has their "something", this is mine. I love working out next to my peers as much as I love instructing. I love to motivate others the way they motivate me. There is a mountain to climb in everyone's life, why not do it together! 
"Your greatest accomplishment is you! Share your beautiful with the world"

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