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Karina Wiatros, Fitness Instructor

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Karina Wiatros

I came to Farrell’s in January 2019 after my former kickboxing studio of over three years abruptly closed. I was also six months postpartum and struggling to get back into a routine. A friend and former instructor told me about the Farrell’s program, and I decided to give it a shot, hesitant about having to split my focus between kickboxing and strength classes.

The strength/resistance training turned out to be the game changer I hadn’t even realized I was looking for. Aside from my years of kickboxing, I had already been an avid runner for nearly a decade, but cardio alone had only gotten me so far. I’ve never felt stronger than this last year with Farrell’s. Taking the time to build muscle on top of cardio endurance helped me tone up faster than any other workout I’ve taken on, and better yet, I come out of each class feeling like I can take on anything (which is especially helpful with a toddler to chase after and second kid on the way)! I also knocked out three new personal records in races in the last year, which I credit to the consistent and dynamic training I’ve added through the Farrell’s program.

Best of all, I’ve found an awesome community of supportive and enthusiastic individuals who are constantly building each other up! I feel like an athlete on a team again, without the drama of game day. I’m so excited to help lead others toward their fitness goals as an instructor, and I hope I can help them feel as welcome as I’ve felt!

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