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Loretta Blum, Fitness Instructor

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Loretta Blum

I've always lived a fairly active lifestyle, but it wasn't until I joined Farrell's in the Fall of 2019 that I felt like I finally found my "thing." A friend had invited me to take a kickboxing class. She was a bartender at the restaurant that I worked at and I had watched her get just RIPPED, quickly, in front of me. When I asked her what she was doing, she shrugged and said, "I just found something that really works for me; they made it feel easy."

At that point I was busy "adulting," and any interest in fitness had taken the backseat. I was overweight, stressed and always tired, so I figured it wouldn't kill me to see what this kickboxing stuff was all about- I needed a physical outlet! I was nervous, but classes were only 45 minutes, and I knew I could do just about anything for 45 minutes.

Fast forward 10 weeks and I had lost over 20 pounds and gained muscle, I felt GOOD: I found a way to work out that I really enjoyed (I was surprised to catch my own ear-to-ear grin in the mirrors). I learned how much potential I had to gain strength- both physically and mentally.

Most importantly, I found a community that made it so much fun to be a part of. I loved seeing so many different people from different walks of life all working together toward similar goals. The encouragement and accountability were astonishing.

When Covid hit, my restaurant closed, as did the gym. After a few months of crippling complacency I realized how short life really is. I made the decision to commit to a lifestyle change to reflect what I really started seeing as truly invaluable in the time of a pandemic: my health (and now yours!). So here I am, the newest addition to the North Loop Management team!

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