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Summertime Thrivin'

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Summertime Thrivin'

Want to thrive this summer in all aspects of your life? Take these tips below from your fitness and nutrition experts here at Farrell’s to do just that!


1. Be sure you are getting enough sleep. When you are sleep deprived, this not only can increase the hunger hormone-ghrelin, but it can cause higher blood sugars, impact your ability to concentrate & problem-solve, and can even have a negative impact on your immune system and mood. Make sure to get yourself into a consistent nighttime routine for at least 7 hours of shut eye each night.


2. Drink plenty of water. Water is not only a great way to stay hydrated, but it keeps your appetite in check to. Slice up some fresh cucumbers, add some frozen or fresh fruit to your water for a refreshing summertime drink!


3. Add fiber to your diet. Adding fibrous foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains which are packed with fiber will help you to stay full-so you are less likely to snack mindlessly. Your body requires a minimum of 25g of fiber per day, so get creative!


4. Limit your sugar intake (this does not include natural sugars which are found in fruits and milk). When looking at food labels, it is helpful to know that one teaspoon equals four grams of added sugar-so make it your goal to try and eat less than 6 teaspoons of added sugars daily.


5. Keep an eye on your alcohol intake. Studies show that we make poorer food choices when we have alcohol flowing through our systems. One single serving of alcohol contains roughly 100 calories, and it ramps up with mixed drinks even more. I don’t know about you-but I’d rather not blow my calorie budget on liquid calories-when whole foods are much more satiating and don’t sabotage my goals!


6. Stay active! Our unique program of kickboxing and strength training is designed to keep your body moving, and guessing. No one wants to be stuck in the same old boring fitness routine-that’s why our class plans change on a weekly basis! Keep that body moving in and outside of class to get a healthy dose of  endorphins that’ll keep you coming back for more.


7. Get outdoors! Studies show that when people spend time outdoors, their heart rate and blood pressure improve-not to mention getting that daily dose of vitamin D that sunshine provides is so important. Take a walk with your dog, your kids, or your neighbor. Grab your gym buddy and go on a hike! But remember to protect your skin with at least SPF30. 


8. Start a gratitude journal, or practice. Start by designating a time each day to do this-whether it be the first thing you do in the morning while you pour yourself a cup of coffee, or the last thing you do before you go to sleep. Grab a blank notebook and a pen, and get to it. Your daily gratitude can be for anything-from finding a good parking spot at the gym, for a rockin’ kickboxing workout, to your kiddos following their nighttime routine to a T. Get creative. The idea is the more things you look for to be grateful for, the more you will find!


We at Farrell’s like to focus on whole person health, inside and out. And when you create a healthy environment around food, and establish an exercise, sleep, and gratitude routine, you are assured to be well on your way to an overall healthy life. And remember-you are the only one in charge of respecting your body, and nurturing it with the things it needs: exercise, proper nutrition, and rest! See you on the mats, y’all!

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