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State Fair Saves

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State Fair Saves

It’s that time of year again. Food on a stick. Deep-fried, delicious distractions from your health plans and fitness goals everywhere you turn. The Minnesota State Fair is known for two things: an incredibly fun time and adding an extra notch to your belt or a little stretch to your yoga pants. But staying true to fitness plans and workout goals doesn’t need to mean saying a definitive no to major events and outings that might get you off track. FXB instructors have some easy tactics and State Fair saves to help you get the most from the Fair’s food experience.

Measuring Stick – Make Smarter Choices

First things first: set a snack budget for the fair—and stick to it. It’s tempting to try something from every delicious and outrageous food stand, of which there are many. Limit yourself to a budget or set a number of food stands to sample this year. Even more importantly, be smart about choices and portion sizes. One tub of Sweet Martha’s Cookies clocks in at 4,800 calories—twice the total daily limit for an average man. A fried Twinkie might sound like sweet fun, but that carries 34 grams of unhealthy fat. And fried cheesecake? Forty seven grams of unhealthy fat. We all need healthy fats to keep us functioning and performing, but the fats from these “fun” foods are the types that wreak havoc with your internal body processes in the short and long term (but leave out the saturated fats part—old wives tale and untrue). Sample as many foods as you like, but this year consider fruit on a stick, a baked potato, or things like corn on the cob at only 110 calories. Do this, and you’ll get the Fair’s fun food experience without the crazy calorie count (and inevitable stomach ache).

Walk Everywhere, Walk Fast

Skip the cable car that takes you from one end of the State Fairgrounds to the other—rather, walk everywhere at a brisk pace, if the crowds allow. An average 3.5-mph walking pace will burn more than 230 calories, but putting a little energy into it doubles that count easily. In a full day at the Fairgrounds, you can rack up a lot of steps while minimizing the impact of everything you eat. Think about incorporating exercise into your Fair outing. Plan to meet friends at a set time, but arrive early and do a lap of the Fairgrounds to take in the sites and get in extra miles. You’ll impress them with your knowledge of what’s where while adding a little exercise to your day without much effort.

Hydrate – an Absolute Must to Stay State Fair Strong

Dehydration wreaks havoc on your body’s energy levels and can have damaging lasting effects. If you’re out in the sun for even an hour when average temps hit 90 degrees or more, you’re going to dehydrate quickly. An afternoon beer or a morning coffee aren’t going to help, so plan to take a water bottle and refill regularly. Plan to drink one 8-ounce glass of regular water every 20 minutes in the hot sun while walking. Adding a sugar-free sports drink with electrolytes will also help your body absorb water more quickly. Take a cooling break in the shade and get off of your feet every hour, splash water on your face and keep your energy levels up with water-rich foods like watermelon, fruit, apples and some vegetables like cucumber.

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