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Staying In Control With Halloween Candy

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Staying In Control With Halloween Candy

As Halloween rolls around, it is important to hone in on our fitness and nutrition goals, and not get too sidetracked by the festivities and candy that are just around the corner with the change of season!

We put together some tips and tricks to reduce temptation, and stay on track when you are just so tempted by the Halloween candy everywhere you turn!

First and foremost, follow your regularly scheduled programming! Continue to follow your fitness routine of strength training, kickboxing, and fueling your body with proper nutrition as you normally would. This is the first line of defense when trying to stay on track. Avoid skipping meals and plan your meals in advance, making sure those meals consist of high quality lean proteins, veggies, and complex carbohydrates, and stay hydrated!

Next, wait. Wait to buy Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters until the last minute, and then wait to open the bag to distribute until the first trick-or-treater arrives at your door. If you have to buy in advance-ask your partner to hide the candy somewhere out of reach, or place it up high somewhere where it would be least convenient for you to access it in a moment of weakness. And after the last trick-or-treater has left, if you do have any leftovers you want out of the house, we encourage you to visit Treats For Troops to donate your candy to the troops!

If you’re attending a Halloween party, passing out candy, or trying to avoid it in the break room- try chewing sugarless gum. Studies show that chewing gum can actually help relieve stress, satisfy a sweet tooth and overcome the urge to splurge, so keep it handy! Additionally, have some raw veggies & a savory, healthy dip on stand by so if you do get the urge to munch on something-you have a healthy alternative on hand.

Having a moment of weakness? Sip on Low-calorie Beverages. Low or no calorie beverages such as sparkling water, plain H20 with a flavor enhancer, seltzer with a lime, or an herbal tea can keep your hands and mouth busy. You’ll also stay hydrated at the same time which is key to staying on track with your goals.

This is pretty common sense, but not common practice: if you are handing candy out at your house-don’t purchase your favorite candy! If chocolate candies are your favorite, buy hard candies or skittles instead. If it’s not worth the calories, you may not want it. Also, try not to eat the candy right out of the bag or container that it came in so that you are less likely to eat mindlessly. 

Log it into MyFitnessPal. If you do plan on having some candy, add it into your food log to see if it fits into your current caloric budget-and if not, consider if it is worth the additional calories in the first place. If you do treat yourself- portion your candies into a small ziplock bag and set it aside, and log what you consume into MFP.

Craving pumpkin during the fall season? Buy some pumpkin puree and add it to a protein shake or to your oatmeal for breakfast.. You can also try a pumpkin-flavored coffee brew, add some unsweetened almond milk and froth it with a small handheld frother to make it look and feel a little fancy-without the added sugar of a specialty coffee house drink.

Always Incorporate Movement! Use exercise as a means to boost your energy and confidence — not just a way of burning calories. If you get a craving and are really trying to avoid caving into temptation, take a quick 5-10 minute walk around the block or office, and get a little bit of stretching in. This may help to lower stress levels, and if you are less stressed around temptations, you’re more likely to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals. 

Stay Accountable! Pick an accountability buddy in class and clue them in on your goals. Start a text, whats app, or facebook messenger thread to stay accountable and know that you can reach out to them for additional support when you are having a moment of weakness. Stay accountable to yourself, too, by logging whatever you consume into MyFitnessPal. Be honest with yourself, and your accountability partner. Focus on building healthy, sustainable habits that you can stick to well beyond the holiday season.

Don’t forget, the biggest key to success when planning on treating yourself-whether it be a treat meal or a few pieces of Halloween candy, is to remember that these treats are just that — a treat that should be eaten in moderation. Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and read labels to avoid too much temptation. Your health and long-term success are worth more than short-term satisfaction! Make a plan, don’t be too hard on yourself, and if you fall off track at one meal, get right back on with your next, and enjoy the spirit of the season!

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