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Holiday travel will be upon us soon enough. While it’s fun to plan family getaways and enjoy a well-earned break from the day-to-day routine, beware the daily dangers that come along for the ride. When we take a vacation—or really any kind of trip—we often relax self-control and forget the healthy habits of working out and eating right that are part of everyday life at home. So before you hit the road or head for the airport this holiday season, pause and plan ahead to follow a few simple tips. They’ll help you pack right for any pitfalls and avoid the health hazards that any holiday plate may bring your way.

Jump Rope for Efficient Calorie Burn

A staple of any boxing gym and a sure-fire calorie smashing workout, jump ropes pack small and deliver big. Ideal for travel when we often don’t have a lot of time for a real workout, just 15 minutes jumping rope can burn 500 calories, strengthen bones, improve balance and can help prevent injuries. Try the Survival and Cross jump rope. At just $10, it’s made with an integral non-twist steel cable that can withstand thousands of jumps.

Flat Pack Weights for Wherever Workouts

Lugging your free weights on a cross country trip (or anywhere) is the wrong kind of workout. Instead switch them for any of the wide variety of high-quality water-filled weights now available that give you an instant and versatile free weight workout whether you’re stuck in your parent’s basement or a roadside motel. Two great options include: the DryBell water kettle bell, and AquaBells dumb bells that weigh just 24 ounces when deflated and packed flat.

Mini resistance bands for full body workout

If you're already a member of our North Loop, Eden Prairie, or St. Paul location-you have access to our Elite Virtual Studio! Hop on a LIVE Zoom Class hosted most weekdays 6 times per day, or Saturday mornings. In a funky time zone or our class schedule not working for you during your travels? Hit the "Live, Pre-Recorded" section to replay any of your favorites while traveling.

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