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Give Yourself The Gift Of Downtime

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Give Yourself The Gift Of Downtime

If you listen to the nutrition experts out there, there are grave warnings everywhere at this time of year. Winter weight gain! Beware the holiday spread! Watch what you eat (and drink)! It makes the holidays sound more like an end of year catastrophe waiting to happen. 


If you’re watching what you eat or working toward strict fitness goals, the holidays can be a challenge, of course. The average American holiday dinner plate packs a gut-busting 3,000 calories. But studies show that indulging in a little of what you love and taking some time to wind down can be beneficial for your mind and body. Here are some quick ideas to do just that this holiday season.


You’re not on a Guilt Trip

You’re traveling to see family over the holidays so stop sending yourself on a guilt trip. Working out isn’t, and never should never be, linked to eating. We work the bag or hit the gym because it’s who we are, part of our fitness program and it’s good for our physical strength and mental wellbeing. Don’t think of all the calories from those cream-laden mashed potatoes, treats and holiday pies as a big check mark in the negative column of your fitness and nutrition goals. 


Experts say, so long as you eat healthy most of the week, a cheat day every now and then, even during the holidays, is a good chance to feed the body the carbohydrates it needs to refuel and recharge from workouts. It’s also good to remember (so long as everyone behaves themselves) that being back with family and friends at this time of year can be a much-needed mental health boost for many people that handily trumps any over-eating concerns.

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