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Providing North Loop And All Of Minneapolis With In Studio and At Home Kickboxing Workouts, Strength Training, and Nutrition Programs.

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Are you sick of mindlessly running on a treadmill? Or do you lack the motivation to consistently workout? Whatever your challenge, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping® can help. Whether you want to lose weight, boost energy, or simply improve your overall health, you’ll fit in at Farrell’s, regardless of age or abilities.

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping® we provide extreme support, extreme encouragement, and extreme accountability that generates extreme results so you feel extreme pride. With our program, you'll live a more empowered life—physically and emotionally.

You'll build endurance with our FXB Kickboxing and FXB Strength Training group fitness classes, all while learning how to fuel your body with personalized FXB Nutrition Coaching. And you’ll stay motivated with our FXB Challenges.

We promise to help you transform the way you look and feel—all in a safe and judgment-free space, surrounded by people who want you to succeed.

In fact, we guarantee it! If Farrell’s isn’t everything you thought it would be and you don’t see results, we’ll pay you $500!*

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Live With Power & Purpose

Everyone comes to Farrell's for different reasons. But our common goals unite us as a family. You'll experience positive change, achieving personal milestones you thought were out of reach. That's what we call living Life at Level 10®! Be inspired by what our members say. Then write your own success story.

  • Callan Y., Minneapolis

    Callan Y., Minneapolis

    "I have been going to Farrell's North Loop for almost 2 years now! The energy in this place is off the charts, in a positive way. Wherever you are in this journey called life come workout - punch and kick a bag - with instructors and managers who know how to help you no matter what your goals are."

  • Bonnie H., Minneapolis

    Bonnie H., Minneapolis

    "Farrell's is fun! Lots of cool, real human beings, supporting each other. No cliques. I've been a member of the community for almost a year and continue to be drawn in day after day. I am strong and fit and I love it! Come and join us!"

  • Kimber W., Minneapolis

    Kimber W., Minneapolis

    "I joined Farrell’s this past December - I had started just hoping to lose some weight but this gym offers so much more. I have learned how to make a lifestyle change including nutrition, exercise, and to celebrate non-scale victories. It can be intimidating to go to a new gym but they make you feel at home right away."

  • Hannah C., Minneapolis

    Hannah C., Minneapolis

    "Farrell's helped me get back on track with workouts when I joined last Fall. During this pandemic, the accountability and support has helped me to do something I've never done before - work out regularly at home. The trainers and owners care about each person and will do what they can to support your individual goals."

Transformation Stories

Casey talks about the 10-Week Challenge and the Farrell's Difference

Sarah Talks About Nutrition Guidance and Coaching

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis


Brittni was the Fall 2020 10-Week Challenge Winner “Farrell’s has provided me with so much more than I had anticipated when I joined. My physical results were honestly shocking and not som...

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Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis

Callan Young

I have been going to Farrell's North Loop for almost 2 years now! The energy in this place is off the charts, in a positive way. Everyone is welcome in our fitfam community, wherever you are in this j...

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Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis


Morgan was the Fall 2019 10-Week Challenge Winner “Joining your Farrell’s was a top highlight of my time in Minneapolis. I love the sense of community and the positive environment. I was n...

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Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis

Kimber Wolf

I joined Farrell’s this past December and did the 10 week challenge with my fiancé. I had started just hoping to lose some weight but this gym offers so much more. I have learned how to m...

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FXB Kickboxing

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are helping people all across Minneapolis challenge their bodies and stay more motivated than ever before. We can help you see real results with a proven HIIT style workout routine.

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FXB Strength Training

Our Strength Training Classes here in North Loop offer total-body workouts that produce real results for people of all fitness levels. Join us today for a tailored training program where you can make your goals a reality.

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FXB Nutrition Coaching

We’re helping you get rid of the guesswork when it comes to nutrition and total-body results. Our Nutrition Coaching programs are giving people all across Minneapolis access to proven tools for all experience levels. Learn more today!

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FXB Challenges

Need some extra motivation? Our FXB Challenges do just that. You’ll not only see big changes in your body and your health, but you may see some big “change” in your bank account. Farrell's awards $1,000 cash prizes locally, multiple time per year and two $10,000 cash prizes nationally per year.

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Farrell's @ Home

Our Online Training program gives you the unique opportunity to get tailored workouts, family fun, and professional guidance... all while you're on the move! Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping can help you live a happier, healthier life, no matter where that life takes you.

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