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  • Crushing Your Goals During the Football Season

    Crushing Your Goals During the Football Season

    It’s that time of year again-where the leaves change, the air cools, and the grocery store aisles are lined with pumpkin flavored… well, everything it seems like! Which also means it’s football season, and we couldn’t be more excited! Since Sunday is typically your rest day from kickboxing and strength training classes, what a better way to rest and relax by unwinding with a football game with friends-whether you’re watching at home or downtown at one of our local breweries. Are you worried that resting and enjoying the game will sabotage your goals? Not to fear-we have some tips and tricks to help you stay on plan while also enjoying the season. ....

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  • Step Back To Work Bootcamp

    Step Back To Work Bootcamp

    Whether you’re excited about it, still waiting for it, or wondering how it will go, the return to work was always inevitable. But just because you’re back at work from 8 to 5, or working round the clock shifts, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the easy options and flexible schedule that you had when your gym was right in your living room. As we all make the transition back to the workplace over the coming weeks and months, take time to seize opportunities for exercise, better nutrition and lifestyle tweaks in your week (along with your FXB sessions) to stay on track with fitness goals. Finding Fitness Everywhere We need to go beyond balance balls at the desk to ....

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  • Back to School: Fitness 101

    Back to School: Fitness 101

    September is typically a time of change, with kids going back to school and summer coming to a close, but perhaps no year has brought more of a fall shift than this one. With people looking at heading back into their offices partially or full-time, it appears for now that regular life is continuing to pick back up, and with it, our regular routines. Whether you’ve found an at-home or outdoor workout regimen you enjoy over the last year or just dropped your regimen altogether, now is a great time to head back to school with a little Fitness 101. Below, we’ve got three tips for relearning the ins and outs of building a routine that’s healthy, effective, and ....

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  • State Fair Saves

    State Fair Saves

    It’s that time of year again. Food on a stick. Deep-fried, delicious distractions from your health plans and fitness goals everywhere you turn. The Minnesota State Fair is known for two things: an incredibly fun time and adding an extra notch to your belt or a little stretch to your yoga pants. But staying true to fitness plans and workout goals doesn’t need to mean saying a definitive no to major events and outings that might get you off track. FXB instructors have some easy tactics and State Fair saves to help you get the most from the Fair’s food experience. Measuring Stick – Make Smarter Choices First things first: set a snack budget for the ....

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  • Train Like an Olympian-An Interview with Casey Bloemke

    Train Like an Olympian-An Interview with Casey Bloemke

    Many of us watched the Olympics saying, “Man, I wish I could be in that sort of shape.” What should people aim for when it comes to their fitness — what’s realistic so you can be in good shape...without the podium or the Wheaties box cover? This is so very simple. The only thing realistic is to compete against you from yesterday. Once we change our thought process away from trying to be someone else, we’re finally set free on a healthy path with our health and fitness. The right question is this: “ Can I give as much or more intentional effort to my health and fitness than I did yesterday?” If the answer is yes, then the results will fall in ....

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  • Setting Your Meals Up For Success While Away From Home

    Setting Your Meals Up For Success While Away From Home

    Ah, summer. In the Midwest when the weather warms up the majority of us start to travel, spend a lot of time outdoors, and away from home. This is a great time to flex that meal prepping muscle, and get creative when you know you will be spending more than a few hours away from home-but want to stay on track and not sabotage those goals. On The Go Eat a healthy meal before you leave the house if you are going to be away for several hours. Eat something satisfying first-so when you do get hungry, you aren’t reaching for junk (especially after a really heavy strength training day!) Snag a meal prep backpack or lunch bag cooler and pack what you've prepped in advance, and ....

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  • Let's Get In The Zone

    Let's Get In The Zone

    You’ve heard us talk about them in our kickboxing and strength training classes, but what IS the MyZone and what are the benefits of using one during class? The MyZone heart rate monitor is a wonderful tool to help push you to your level 10, in and out of the gym. It is a heart rate monitor, motivational tool, workout tracker, and best friend, all rolled into one soft comfortable strap with the small wearable device attached. We utilize the MyZone heart rate monitors during class not only so you can see in real time your efforts and heart rate, but it is a FANTASTIC tool for our management and instructor team to get a gauge of the classes effort, engagement, and see where ....

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  • Nutrient Dense Foods

    Nutrient Dense Foods

    Did you know that research suggests that the American diet is energy rich, but nutrient poor? Whether you are fueling your body for your kickboxing or strength training classes at Farrell’s, or for gearing up for a marathon, what you put into your body is incredibly important. You may have heard of the term “empty calories”, which means that a food provides calories (energy), but very little nutrients. For example, are you ever able to finish an entire bag of chips, and still be hungry? This phenomenon can strongly be attributed to the food being consumed lacking nutrients. Nutrient dense foods are full of various nutrients, but are relatively low in ....

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  • Common Ingredient Alternatives

    Common Ingredient Alternatives

    Whether you are battling a food allergy or intolerance, or overall would like to substitute ingredients in your diet or recipe, we at Farrell’s have got your back! When you’re kickboxing and strength training as hard as we do, it is super important to make sure you are fueling your body properly. Part of fueling your body properly is to eliminate as many processed and refined foods out of your diet. Some of the best ways to do that is to get really creative in the kitchen, become a master of meal prep, and even DIY your own protein bars, protein pancakes, and more! Some of the ways we like to create a better version of these tasty treats at home is by utilizing ....

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  • Eating for your mental health

    Eating for your mental health

    At Farrell’s, we strive for a whole lifestyle approach-which includes proper nutrition, body movement, sleep, hydration, and of course, mental health. When you’re kickboxing and strength training 6 days per week, it can take a toll on not only your body, but your mind, if you are not taking care of it. So let’s look at a few of the foundational pieces for eating to fuel your body for your mental health: Scheduled/Structured eating. Think of your body like a campfire. When you light a fire, can you leave it burning and expect it to continue to burn all day without tending to it? Absolutely not! Just like our bodies, you need to tend to that fire every few ....

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