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Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis

Brittni was the Fall 2020 10-Week Challenge Winner

“Farrell’s has provided me with so much more than I had anticipated when I joined. My physical results were honestly shocking and not something I was expecting to occur within my first 10 weeks, but are proof that the program works! I am in the best shape I have ever been in and feeling not only physically strong, but mentally as well.

I also want to add that the community here at NOLO is incredibly supportive. Everyone truly wants each other to succeed and are always available to offer up words of encouragement, hold each other accountable, answer questions, provide feedback and to just have a lot of fun with working out.”


Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Callan Young

I have been going to Farrell's North Loop for almost 2 years now! The energy in this place is off the charts, in a positive way. Everyone is welcome in our fitfam community, wherever you are in this journey called life come workout - punch and kick a bag! Great way to release stress, and get in shape while working out with instructors & managers who know how to help you no matter what your goals are.

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Morgan was the Fall 2019 10-Week Challenge Winner
“Joining your Farrell’s was a top highlight of my time in Minneapolis. I love the sense of community and the positive environment. I was nervous to join a gym at a time when I was physically the most out of shape I had ever been; I was afraid of being judged but the encouragement from all of the instructors made my time there so enjoyable. Working out with you guys has been amazing!”
“I think a lot of us know or have an idea of what things can help to lose weight, but don’t actually know how to put it into practice, and that’s what Farrell’s helped me with.”
“My goal when I joined Farrell's was to ultimately look & feel better especially in my clothes & feel more confident and comfortable in my skin.  I did not expect to win the challenge or have such a big transformation, I was honestly shocked at the results that I was able to get so fast!”
“The people in the classes were such a huge support, and just nice to see every morning, and have a fun positive experience before I went to work.”
“I think Farrell’s has changed me in the sense that I felt like more of a member of the community in the neighborhood that I lived in just by meeting so many people there that lived around me, especially because I was new to Minneapolis before that. Also just feeling happier and more confident too that I have the tools to transform my body in positive ways and I feel like now I’m capable of doing that and I know for the rest of my life that I know how to do that.”
“Now that I have moved out of state and am a virtual member, I still feel very connected with the community. I personally do the pre-recorded workouts because of the time difference, and it fits in better with my schedule. I still feel very connected and I know that if I wanted to have that live interaction I could join one of the classes in real time!”
Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Kimber Wolf

I joined Farrell’s this past December and did the 10 week challenge with my fiancé. I had started just hoping to lose some weight but this gym offers so much more. I have learned how to make a lifestyle change including nutrition, exercise, and to celebrate non-scale victories. The community is great as well. Everyone is welcoming and willing to help. It can be intimidating to go to a new gym but they make you feel at home right away. Plus, they really know their stuff. They are always willing to help you modify moves or correct improper form in a kind way. I never feel called out or embarrassed like I have at other gyms. They just truly want to see you succeed in your fitness goals.

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
David was the Winter 2020 10-Week Challenge Winner
“As we got ingrained in the gym, I can nowsay that I have hundreds of friends that I met here at the gym that are all great pieces of support and accountability around fitness & my fitness journey.”
Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Hannah Cushing

Farrell's helped me get back on track with workouts when I joined last Fall. During this pandemic, the accountability and support has helped me to do something I've never done before - work out regularly at home. The trainers and owners care about each person and will do what they can to support your individual goals.

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Pete was the Spring 2018 10-Week Challenge Winner
“I joined Farrell's North Loop in the summer of 2018. Farrell's gym happened to be opening across the street from where I live, and at 50 years old, I could see and feel my life experiences adding to my demise.
I became a proud member of the first 10 week challenge. Probably, one of the best decisions I have ever made. In 10 weeks, I lost 25 pounds and over 6% body fat. More importantly, I made life-long friends within a fantastic, healthy community.”
Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Erin Marquez

Farrell's NL is unlike any other gym/fitness program I've experienced. Not only are the staff and instructors (and members!) extremely friendly, but they genuinely want you to succeed - and give you the tools to do it! It's such a positive, encouraging environment that I find myself looking forward to my workouts, and the results have just become an added bonus!

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis

Jack was the Spring 2019 10-Week Challenge Winner

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Rebekah Levreau

If you’re looking for a place to start your wellness journey right - consider joining FXB. The 10 week program is intended to help you build a foundation for success in wellness. The program workouts which combine strength training with weights and bands, cardio kickboxing with nutrition, and coaching along with a program that’s helps you develop strength and endurance while gaining muscle and losing fat. Beyond the gym, Farrell’s creates a community of support and connection. If you’re ready to challenge yourself to make great change - come join trust me the investment is well worth it.

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Laura V

Laura was the Summer 2020 10-Week Challenge Winner

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis

Sarah was the Summer 2018 10-Week Challenge Winner

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis

Alex was the Fall 2018 10-Week Challenge Winner

Fitness Kickboxing near Minneapolis
Bonnie Hanson

Farrell's is fun! Lots of cool, real human beings, supporting each other. No cliques. I've been a member of the fitfamily for almost a year and continue to be drawn in day after day. I am strong and fit and I love it! Come and join us!

Fitness Kickboxing near St. Paul
Farrell's Better Than Ever

Maryann D’Angelo is a tax partner at Ernst & Young’s Minneapolis office. She specializes in mergers and acquisitions — a high stakes and complicated practice area. And given the year we've had, it's no wonder she's embraced kickboxing as part of her regular fitness routine.


She actually started taking classes at Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping in 2018, drawn by the Minneapolis' gym's flexible class schedule that allowed her mix morning and evening kickboxing and strength courses. Now, she is able to use its virtual, on-demand programs, which allow her to get in quick workouts at home, between meetings and calls.


Regular workouts have proven "vital to her mental health and wellness," D'Angelo said. She recently shared more about her wellness journey with the Business Journal.

On well-being

How long has wellness been a priority in your life? I have gone through peaks and valleys with my physical and mental wellness journey over the years. In 2018, I joined Farrell’s in [Minneapolis'] North Loop after I realized I hit a valley with minimal physical activity due to my work schedule. Farrell’s offered flexible strength training and kickboxing classes and I found it surprisingly therapeutic to kick and punch a bag after sitting a long day in front of a computer.


How do you typically start your day? My work day starts with a big cup of coffee as I jump into reading and responding to emails or reviewing documents. Before the day kicks into high gear, I skim the news and social media posts from family and friends. I work out on Friday mornings, which gives me a boost to finish off the work week, and also results in not having any guilt for a Friday afternoon happy hour.


How do you typically end your day? I attempt at least three to four evening workouts a week. I take a break for dinner to chat with family or friends as a way to decompress. Most nights I hop back online for a bit to finish off lingering work items and prep for the next day with a cup of tea. Lately, before I head to bed, I listen to music or a podcast.


What is your typical fitness routine? I attend Farrell’s classes a couple of times a week, either in person or with their many virtual classes. I recently started mixing up my fitness routine by adding in personal training sessions and bootcamp workouts once or twice a week with Holly J Fitness to give me a variety of physical exercises. Also, as Minnesota weather permits, I try to get out of my condo for a walk by the river.


How has your regular fitness routine been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic? Before the pandemic, I started to fall back into the habit of not regularly working out and using the excuse of client deadlines, long hours in the office, or traveling for meetings. However, I started to work permanently from home in mid- March, and I realized I could focus on my physical wellness as I had more time than ever to do it. I got a fitness mat and a couple of dumbbells to transform a workout space so I could end a conference call and hop on to my workout mat about 5 feet away.


What are you doing differently to stay physically and emotionally fit? Being home during the pandemic, I really focus on my nutrition and track what I eat, as I have more time to prep healthier meals. And while I still enjoy a big plate of pasta, rather than punishing myself for what I eat, I balance it out with leaner food selections. I also am being more intentional about emotional fitness, like doing FaceTime dinners with my family, and finding ways to get together with family and friends, even virtually.


What’s the most stressful part of your job? The unpredictability of each day and the pressures of M&A deals. Often it is hard to disconnect, as I need to be ready at a moment’s notice for my clients and colleagues. Some days I am in meetings, or a document comes in at night that needs to be turned around in the next hour. Also, the weight of being an EY partner, in making sure my team is learning and developing professionally, as well as guiding them to find some balance on a personal level.


How do you cope with those demanding aspects of your career? I started to block time on my calendar a couple of times a week for my Farrell’s workouts as I realized I need to schedule a break from being connected to work. These workouts are a great way to interact and see people outside of work. A big and unexpected bonus from Farrell’s is that I have met some great friends who I would have never otherwise met. Lastly, a good glass of wine at the end of the day and dinner with friends.


What advice would you give other business leaders and young executives about staying healthy? I used to feel guilty for leaving the office to work out, but I realize it is important for my team to see I am making time for myself for my own physical or mental well-being. I encourage them to do the same.


Is there a podcast, blog, magazine or website you regularly check for tips on health, wellness or nutrition? Some of my favorite Instagramers to follow are Holly J Fitness, Skinnytaste, Fit Foodie Finds, PaleoMG and Fit Men Cook.

At a glance

Tax partner, Ernst & Young Tenure with organization: 10 years
Age: 46   Family: Aunt to the best nieces and nephews in the world
Education: Bachelor of Science, accountancy, and law degree, Creighton University;
Master of Tax Law, Georgetown University
Board memberships: Advisory board member at the PACER Center


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