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Maurice Scott, Fitness Instructor

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Maurice Scott

My journey started at 12 when I began to learn how to box as a way to defend myself and build self esteem.  I fell in love with the sweet science and it became the focal point of my life.  I served in the US Army as a medic but always knew that it wasn't the path for me.  I was blessed to travel to Las Vegas and California and train at some of the best gyms in the world and turned pro.  Spending so much time in the gym opened up another passion for me though...coaching.  I became NASM certified, USA Boxing certified, and looked to help others get the same benefits I received from boxing.  I was able to grow my skill set into earning a lead trainer position at 2 gyms and running a successful location as a General Manager.

Recently moving to Minneapolis and discovering Farrell's has been amazing for me.  I took a class and knew that I had to be a part of this community.  Both the staff and members have shown me that 'Minnesota Nice' is an actual thing and I love getting up and coming to work every day.  I can't wait to share what I know and learn some things I don't.  If you see me, come give me a fist bump.  I'll either be behind the desk or right next to you on the mats!

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